Nutrition Action Step 2

How's the food tracking going?

If you did complete Action Step One, and you have at least 1-7 days of Food Data, you are ready for...

Action Step 2:
Figure out the macro numbers for the foods you have written down.

Here's how I figure out my macro numbers.
C = carbs, P = protein, F = fat.

                                    C        P           F
3 eggs                       1.5       18        15
cheese 2 cubes          0         14        20
broccoli 1/2 cup          5         2           0
onion                           -          -           -
celery                          -          -           -
coconut oil 1 tbsp        -          -          14

2 chicken breast         0         50        6
celery                          -          -           -
broccoli                       5         2          0
onion                           -          -           -
cauliflower                    -          -           -

protein powder
with water                   0         40         3

protein smoothie
yogurt   1 cup             30       10        20
cottage cheese 1 cup  8         30        3
berries   100g             14        1         0.5
protein powder             0         20       1

total macro count       63g carbs, 186g protein and 82.5g fat.
calories                      C - 252      P - 744      F - 742.5     Total 1738.

IWhat is a CALORIE, anyway?

If the conversion from grams to calories doesn't make sense, look back on the previous blog for a refresher on calories per gram of each macronutrient.

As I write this, I am injured, so my training is less intense. Because I am unable to train my lower body as intensely as usual, I am consuming less carbohydrates on a daily basis. If my ankle wasn't mangled, and I was able to do more leg based training or conditioning, I would have had about 100g more carbs roughly.

***My current eating pattern is based on my goals of reducing body fat and maintaining muscle mass. 

If you want to take control of your health and your nutrition, in order to reach your goals, you must become aware of what you are doing by looking at the actual numbers associated with your nutrition. Then you have the power to make appropriate adjustments to your numbers.

If you keep detailed records, I will be able to help you at the next nutrition course,

Nutrition 201
Feb 17, 2019 - 4:45 - 6:45pm

If you haven't been tracking your numbers, and you don't intend to, don't put Nutrition 201 in your calendar.

If you are serious about learning more about nutrition and will have at least 7 consecutive days of nutrition data to bring with you, put February 17th from 4:45-6:45pm in your calendar now.

The link to register will be in the next email...and so will your next action step.

It WILL seem a bit monotonous keeping track of the numbers at first, but if your snacks and meals are pretty consistent, then it gets so much easier after the first couple days of tracking. 

I am making the progress I want to be making. I don't want to say it's easy. It takes effort. But the results I am getting are totally worth it to me. 

If you need extra help from me, hit me up and we can book a consultation for some nutrition guidance, if the seminars and this isn't quite enough. I'm not trying to pitch a sale at you, and hope this information gets you where you want to be. But if you DO need more help, let me know..