The first time I showed up at Smash, I was 15 years old and shy as can be. Zac was not about to let that fly. I pushed myself harder than I thought I was capable of, and left feeling sort of like I was going to die, but also like I could do ANYTHING. Over the last 6 years Zac has thrown me out of my comfort zone over and over again and taught me that I am more than capable of anything life throws at me. I loved learning to be confident and how strong I was so much that I forced my entire family to start coming with me. Mom, Dad, sister, uncle, out of town aunts, everyone. They all agree, you kinda feel like you’re going to die, but the strength and confidence you gain is so worth it.

Zac has spent countless hours helping my mother rehab her hips and knees after chronic injury, and is always there to keep you moving. Zac is a huge wealth of knowledge and experience, and genuinely cares about helping you overcome yourself to be the best version of you possible.”
— Kelly Melrose

Returning from injury, Zac provided skill and technical training sessions that were individualized and challenging to my personal goals. Zac also offered knowledgeable & enthusiastic training regimes varying day to day that kept sessions interesting and motivating! Most importantly, Zac has created an inclusive gym and personal programming that’s motivating for anyone - any age, any fitness level - without intimidation and judgement!”
— Sammy Crandell, 2014 Team Canada Rugby Player

I started training with Zac at Smash Conditioning when I played university basketball at Mount Royal University. The expertise and intensity he brought to our team workouts improved my strength and conditioning and helped bring my game to a new level. Zac always remained patient with us and found a way to push us beyond personal limits we set for ourselves. 

Years after graduating university and finishing participation in elite athletics, I still train at Smash. Zac now trains many of my family members and has brought a long term passion and appreciation for fitness to me and my entire family. With everything that Zac has done for me at Smash, I am most grateful that he has encouraged myself and my family to maintain enthusiasm in living an active and healthy life.”
— Emily Larson