Elite Package Deposit


Elite Package Deposit


***Next spot opens January 2019

Since opening S*M*A*S*H Conditioning in 2010, Zac has been one of Calgary’s top personal trainers, specializing in MMA, boxing, high level athlete and injury rehabilitation training. Zac’s six month Elite Training Package is only for those who are serious about doing whatever it takes to achieve their strength and agility goals.

Zac’s Six Month Elite Training Package includes:

  • 2 week interview process; 4 one on one consultations to determine goals, expectations and trainer-student compatibility $397 (program deposit)

  • 2x/week private training (48 sessions) $4039

  • bi-weekly nutrition coaching; macronutrient & supplement education; meal planning (12 sessions) $1039

  • lifetime access to Zac’s online training series $439

  • up to one hour phone/text/email consulting per week $2039

  • up to one hour travel per week (off-site training) $2039

  • ***FREE*** unlimited group training classes ***$1197 value

    Total $9992 ~ monthly payment plan available

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