About Us
About Us

When I set up smash, it was with intentions of accommodating people of any fitness level, with the ability to help them achieve any strength and conditioning goals they have. It is a raw gym with an atmosphere of pure toughness. Intimidating to the outside eye, but once inside the doors, the mind can be set at ease because it is a community where everyone is there to improve. No TVs. No fancy steam room or juice bar. No tanning beds. Just an 80yr old concrete, former military, building. National/International, University, Youth, Recreation level athletes, and non athletes who just want to get in shape and improve their health. 

Smash conditioning has been a part of several amature athletes’ strength and conditioning, from sports such as:

– Boxing 
– Wrestling
– Juijitsu
– Rugby
– Football
– Hockey
– Australian rules football
– Gaelic football
– Basketball
– Baseball
– Soccer
– Lacrosse
– Track and Field
– Gymnasts 
– BMX/Motorcross racing 
– Olympic lifting
– Powerlifting 
– Strongman
– Highland games
– CPS members
– Military Reg Force, and special task force members(JTF2, CSOR, CP, Sar-Tech)
Calgay Gym Smash Conditioning

Zac Chalmers


Calgay Gym Smash Conditioning
A native Calgarian, I played sports my whole life. Through highschool I played rugby, football, and placed 5th at nationals for wrestling. I played rugby with the Alberta team for my last two years of highschool. 
I began strength coaching and personal training in 1994 as I was studying at UBC Okanagan and managing a gym for Terry and Elaine Goodlad. Terry being an extremely successful fitness magazine photographer and writer, and Elaine being one of the best all time Fitness Figure Competitors. During that time I attained my first certification ‘BCRPA – Strength and Conditioning’. I was also playing football for the Okanagan Sun jr football team and was awarded conference Allstar for my last two years. Following that I was recruited by the UBC football team and was a member of the 1997 Vanier Cup Champion UBC T-Birds. 
 I ended up finishing my Bachelor of Kinesiology degree at the University of Calgary, where I studied under some great strength coaches and learned a tremendous amount while at the Olympic Oval. 
Following my degree, I began strength coaching more, and spent a year doing home care and physical therapy with a client whom had cerebral palsy. At 22yrs old, he had never stood up out of his wheelchair. After spending 8 months working on his strength and mobility, he was able to stand alone for a minute, and walk ten feet with me spotting him. Definitely a highlite in my career, and in my life. At that same time, I pursued my NCSA-CSCS and began working with more and more athletes in the evenings. In 2005 I was a nutritional advisor for one season on the national TV show ‘X-weighted’ 
2008 I was recruited by the Canadian Military for the position of Sport and Fitness Instructor. Over my 5 years with the military, I was awarded a ‘coin’ for my excellent contributions to their health, wellness, and physical performance. On top of attaining my course certifications, (required to test all of the highest level special forces task teams, recruits, Regular force and reservists), I also received my CSEP-CPT. While working for the military, I was still growing my own personal training and strength coaching clients…s*m*a*s*h conditioning. 
In 2010 I took possession of a beat up 80yr old former army building, and turned it in to s*m*a*s*h conditioning. 4000sq ft of rubber, turf, weights, tractor tires, sledge hammers, ropes, chains, sleds, boxing equipment, and much more. Smash is home to professional and amateur athletes from several different sports, all training to become the best they can be. It is also home to a huge following of general public with various goals of their own. 
The types of training that goes on in smash includes the highest level of sport specific strength/conditioning programming, as well as general group training that can accommodate any level of fitness, ranging from the most advanced to the most beginner. Also, having been contracted part time at The Bonavista Physiotherapy clinic for 2 years, I’ve gained extra knowledge to help athletes, and general public, work through injuries and continue moving forward. 
With my own personal experience, and constantly learning from the people I surround myself with, smash is a place where people go to work on getting better both mentally and physically. Everyone comes with their own story, but are all there to make progress. The reason I put the * between the letters of s*m*a*s*h is because it is an acronym. “Strong Mind And Strong Heart”. An acronym inspired by the concept of the Vitruvian man. By taking care of the body, the mind becomes stronger. The stronger we become in the mind, the more potential our body has to be its physical best.