To get something you’ve never had you have to do something you’ve never done.

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When I set up smash, it was with intentions of accommodating people of any fitness level, with the ability to help them achieve any strength and conditioning goals they have. It is a raw gym with an atmosphere of pure toughness. Intimidating to the outside eye, but once inside the doors, the mind can be set at ease because it is a community where everyone is there to improve. No TVs. No fancy steam room or juice bar. No tanning beds. Just an 80yr old concrete, former military, building. National/International, University, Youth, Recreation level athletes, and non athletes who just want to get in shape and improve their health. 

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Calgary Gym Smash Conditioning
Calgary Gym Smash Conditioning
Calgary Gym Smash Conditioning


3-12 month Custom Program – $600 – $1500


Personal Training starting $80/Session


Open group training classes starting $7/Session


Calgary Gym Smash Conditioning
Jordan Hellboy Mckay

Jordan “HELLBOY” McKay – MMA fighter

Smash Conditioning gym is a shirts off, loud music atmosphere that everyone comes to do one thing, work hard and achieve results!!

Marnie smash conditioning


I had never been particularly active or enjoyed exercise so never stuck with any program and expected this to be the same. Five years later I am still doing the classes at SMASH and my fitness level has far exceeded what I thought possible!

Eden – University Rugby Player 
Zac believed in my ability to train and created the perfect exercises that would help strengthen my knee and improve my overall conditioning before and after surgery.